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Outboard engines

For many years, we supply our customers with Yamaha outboard engines, with positive reactions. However, in the last couple of years we noticed many positive rumors about the Evinrude E-tec series. Evinrude used to be an unpopular brand a few years ago, however, since the take-over of Bombardier (manufacturer airplane engines), it fully restructured it's outboard product line.

Bombardier developed a brand-new outboard engine, with a 2-stroke concept. They combined the electronic injection system with the advanced oilsystem (1:200), which resulted into a 'very-low-emission' engine. The E-tec is not only 'greener', but lighter in weight as well, compared with other brand's 4-stroke series. This results with a 75 hp, almost ten kg's. Pulling power is impressing, as it increases once you use more hp's.

All these positive characteristics are the main reasons for us to add this product in our product-catalogue. Installation, maintenance and reparations will be carried out by Hobim Boats. 

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In the section below, you can find our current Evinrude E-tec series. More information? Contact us

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Evinrude E-tec Outboard Engines

Midd-class - Evinrude E-tec engines Inline 2/3

phoca thumb l 40pk groot phoca thumb l 50pk groot phoca thumb l 60pk groot
40pk 50pk 60pk

Heavy midd-class - Evinrude E-tec engines Inline 3

phoca thumb l 75pk groot phoca thumb l 90pk groot
75pk 90pk

Heavy midd-class V4 - Evinrude E-tec engines 4 cylinder 1,7 L

phoca thumb l 115v4 groot
115pk V4

Heavy V6 2,6L - Evinrude E-tec engines V6 2,6 L

phoca thumb l 150hov6 groot phoca thumb l 150v6 groot phoca thumb l 175v6 groot phoca thumb l 200v6 groot
150pk HO V6 150pk V6 175pk V6 200pk V6

Heavy V6 3,3L - Evinrude E-tec engines V6 3,3 L

phoca thumb l 225hov6 groot phoca thumb l 225v6 groot 250v6 groot
225pk HO V6 225pk V6 250pk V6