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The Orka 800

The flagship model of the Orka Series, the 800 is deserving of its solid appearance. An unique 8 meter ship, designed for the real OFF-shore adventures with a radius of 450 nautical miles.

The 800 is the latest addition to our invigorated Orka series of performance fishing machines.
A perfect blend of function, style and fishability, this ship is built with the quality and crafts-
manship that has become synonymous with the Orka brand.
And with a maximum 315hp rating, you'll do it with plenty of speed.

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The 800 is the successor of the popular 700 series. But now, we paid special attention
to the sailing aspects:

- Cruising in badly passable seas
- Fully foamed; ca. 3,000 Liters hard foam, which ensures you of a smooth and safety ride
- A spacious deck with all opportunities for fishing
- Generous cabin with enough space to accommodate 2 persons

The beam of the ship (2.80 meters) in combination with a deep-V hull design, gives the 800 optimal stability.
The low center of gravity (2/3 of this ship's total weight is located below the fishing deck) and the spraylines
below the ship, both ensure you for a dry and smooth ride, also with bad weather conditions.

The 800 can reach a speed ophoca thumb l 800 binnen grootf 40 miles p/h with 315 hp, which proves this ship glides easily through the water. Also the economical aspect is rather interesting, as the 800 series consumes only 1 Liter Diesel by 1,1 nautical mile (ca. 2 km's) with a speed of 22 knots. With a tank capacity of 570 Liters, you can reach distances of 450 nautical miles. Which is impressive!

A reliable and comfortable fishing machine, making it a lifetime experience!

The cabin is 2 meters high (inside), and has 3 luxurious chairs, which ensure a comfortable ride for everyone. Dashboard: Designed to create enough space for placing all your equipment. No wires due to the laminated protective covers.

Technical data
L.O.A.: 8.20 m
Lenght of hull: 7.60 m
Beam: 2.80 m
Draught: ±0.60 m
Weight hull: ±2.750 kg
Max. engine capacity 315 hp
Tank capacity 570 L
Double bottom fully foamed ±3,000 L