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Hobim Boats

It all began in the 1970’s, when Cor Mostert started with the import of canal cruisers from England.
Now, more than 30 years later, Hobim Boats is known because of its successful product range, named as ‘the Orka-series’.

Nowadays, Hobim Boats develops and produces 5 different types of  Orka’s with a length of 5 to 8 meters. They all offer a practical and economical way of fishing, safety (always foamed), and plentiful fishing storage.
However, the Orka series are especially known as well-appointed cruisers. Mainly the large distances and rough seas are the areas of expertise for the Orka’s.

Important to know is that Orka boats have an extremely good price-quality-combination. This is the main reason why  demand for used Orka’s is larger than supply. The Orka series features premium boats for those wanting the ultimate fishing experience. Each model is accessorized with premium appointments, thoughtful innovations and practical designs, and all this offered for a medium price.

Bring your friends and spend the day catching fish or cruising offshore.

"When you're aboard an Orka, the ocean is the limit!"


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The Premium Sea-Fishing Boat: The Orka 800!

The Orka 800 is a ship developed for those who are searching for the off-shore cruiser, with a radius of 450 Sea Miles.

Hobim Boats added the benefits of all its previous models to this ship, which makes the Orka 800 extremely safe and economical in use. Look at the Orka 800 page for more information.